I’m Baaaaaaack!

Well, it sure has been a while since I posted anything on this blog. I have been busy with travel, Art Shows, taking Art Classes and Workshops, as well as lots of re-organization of my Art Studio at home and prep for the classes I teach both in my studio and a volunteer job I have undertaken at a Psychiatric Facility – teaching “Art for Healing” or Creative Mindfulness as we are calling it.

In addition to my two Art Blogs suffering because of my “busyness”, my artwork has also taken a back seat.  I had promised myself that this would be my year to devote more time to my own artwork and to stretching myself both in subject matter and techniques.  Well, that hasn’t happened yet, but it is only the 3rd week of April, the year is young.

Hopefully my next post will have lots of pictures of my current artwork (finished pieces) and enthusiastic descriptions of how that felt to complete them. I will try to at least show up in my Studio for 1 hour every day – something has to happen!

Until then, Creatively, Maggie.

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Welcome to my Studio

Hi, Art Enthusiasts,

Whether you are already an artist, may aspire to become an artist, or just love looking at drawings and paintings done by artists, I hope you will enjoy following my work and the work of my students, while visiting MaggieL Studio.

I am sincerely hoping to create a weekly post to let all who follow here know what is going on in my “artist’s mind” as well as in my classroom.  I will include pictures of the classroom and some of my current work, as well as the work of my students.

The students I have taught range in age from 6 years old to 70+ and each one is unique, sees differently, expresses him/herself differently and thus creates a different finished drawing or painting.  It is the process that is so important to me and that is what I pass along to each student.  I want each person who studies with me to be empowered to create artwork on his or her own, eventually.  The level of interest of the student, combined with the dedication to “owning” the process, will determine how quickly he or she achieves this goal.

If you live in the Eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA, near Murrysville, contact me for information about Painting Classes (mainly what I am teaching currently).  412-973-9141 – Maggie Lombardi

New Classes Starting Next Week

Hello, Art Enthusiasts,

The Studio is being cleaned and prepared for a new session of classes beginning on Monday, July 23rd.  Monday is the young kids’ class and we will be working on Watercolor Painting of a landscape. I plan to incorporate multiple paint application techniques (brushes, sponges, etc) These students had 4 weeks of drawing and painting in June and are excited to be returning for a second session.

It is my intention to introduce these children (ages 6-9) to a variety of painting genres as well as various techniques and materials.  They have been working with washable tempera paints and loved painting a canvas board which was completed in their last class in June.

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are Adult Oil Painting Classes – Tuesday is an ongoing class*  with students who have been studying with me for the past 4 years and Wednesday evening are adults who have never painted before.  The new art students are being challenged by learning the basics of color theory, composition, paint application, use of materials, methods of brushwork, and just attempting to feel comfortable with the paint while learning to “see” the colors and values they are trying to re-create in their paintings.

Thursday morning will bring back a group of kids ages 10-13, who are working in Acrylic paint. This class will continue to learn more about color, values, paint application and creating volume in their paintings.  I try to keep the concepts simple and not include too many different “lessons” in each painting, although each new painting brings new challenges and new concept.s.  It is my hope that they will retain and “own” these concepts as they progress.

I will try to photograph the students working and take a few pictures of their paintings as we go through this next 4 week block of classes.

*The photo below is a painting that I completed and the one which my Tuesday evening students are completing this coming week.